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Open source intelligence is a rapidly growing industry that’s in demand both in the public and private sector. Gathering accurate data for this industry can be difficult due to unique the various job titles related to open-source intelligence. Looking at several of the largest OSINT employers in the United States, the most common NAICS code used was 541611 – “Administrative Management and General Management Consulting Services”.

OSINT Industry Data Trends 2011-2021

Chart 2011-2021 PPI Industry Data for OSINT careers. Source: BLS.gov

OSINT Jobs and Careers

Table 2011-2021 PPI Industry Data for OSINT careers. Source: BLS.gov

The above metrics are PPI industry data, or Producer Price Index. The BLS.gov’s methodology for PPI measures the average change over time in selling prices received producers of services or goods. The PPI measures price changes from the perspective of the seller.

Since the start of 2021, the PPI of OSINT and adjacent industries boomed, which shows how in-demand the industry currently is. As of July 2021 numbers, although preliminary (indicated by a ‘P’), the industry data is still trending upwards.

Employment Projections for OSINT Orientated Careers

2020 Employment2020 Percent of Occupation2020 Percent of IndustryProjected 2030 EmploymentProjected 2030 Percent of OccupationProjected 2030 Percent of IndustryEmployment Change, 2020-2030Employment Percent Change, 2020-2030
BLS.gov Employment Projections. Employment numbers are in thousands.

Employment by industry, occupation, and percent distribution, 2020 and projected 2030. The BLS is calculating quite a large increase in employment change from 2020-2030.

If you’re an OSINT hobbyist and looking for career opportunities, this industry may be a good choice- at least as projected by the U.S. Bureau of Labor Statistics! If you’re just getting started with OSINT, take a look at our intro guide that examines real-world examples of using OSINT.

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