• OSINT Examples For Investigations and Research

    OSINT Examples For Investigations and Research

    There is a multitude of possible starting points when initiating an open source investigation on a person, place, or thing. This is generally called the Discovery Phase, and requires the researcher to compile all known assets in relation to an investigation. These known assets can be a name, an alias, a username, a phone number, […]

  • OSINT For KYC (Know Your Customer) and Due Diligence

    Open source intelligence (OSINT), can be a very valuable tool when performing a KYC- Know Your Customer- check on a potential business partner, investor, or anything in-between. Due diligence is a necessity when entering business deals that could open your business to new opportunities and new services. However, KYC isn’t something that has to be […]

  • Using OSINT to Manage Data Leaks and Breaches

    Using OSINT to Manage Data Leaks and Breaches

    Data leaks and breaches seem like a common occurance in 2021. Open source intellegence techniques can be one of the best strategies to manage and respond to leaks. In this article, we’ll cover types of data leaks and effective monitoring techniques with OSINT. When confidential information is leaked it can damage a company or individual […]

  • SOCMINT Intelligence and Research

    SOCMINT Intelligence and Research

    The discipline of SOCMINT (Social Media Intelligence) can be divided into two: Social Media Analysis. Which encompasses the methods and tools to obtain and analyze text, photos, videos, and any material shared on social networks such as Facebook, Twitter, YouTube, Instagram, Pinterest, or Snapchat. Social Network Analysis (SNA). This term encompasses methods and tools for […]

  • OSINT Research Phases and Process

    OSINT Research Phases and Process

    Ultimately, open source intelligence refers to a research methodology based on seeking information from open sources, usually hosted on the Internet. However, although it is assumed that everyone knows how to search the web, the truth is that few Internet users are able to do it professionally. That is why, in order to comply with […]