Viral Image Quotes Ben Carson Supporting Ivermectin

Ben Carson Ivermectin


In a recent viral image posted on the right-wing media site Gab, an image of former HUD secretary Ben Carson is captioned as saying: “Hydroxychloroquine and ivermectin work extremely well so there is no reason why the vaccine should be mandated”.

The image was originally shared by Gab user “GIFT OF THE GAB” and has garnered several thousand likes since September 11th, 2021. Since the original Gab post, the image has been spread on mainstream social media platforms, notably Facebook.

Ben Carson Claims Ivermectin Support


The image that apparently quotes Ben Carson saying “Hydroxychloroquine and ivermectin work extremely well together” is fabricated and false. There is no proof Dr. Carson made this claim nor is there any official record. Our team reached out to Ben Carson’s publicist for further information but has received no response.

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