Joe Rogan Fans Claim ‘Media Tricks’ in Altered Video by CNN

Joe Rogan CNN Media Tricks

Fans of media and podcast personality Joe Rogan have been rapidly spreading a viral image comparing side-by-side frames of Rogan’s Instagram video. Accusations by fans were mostly pointing fingers towards CNN, specifically a news segment from Anderson Cooper 360.

CLAIM: The media fakes Joe Rogan’s Instagram video to make him appear sick

The image claims CNN and other media outlets used ‘media tricks’ on Joe Rogan’s Instagram video he uploaded on his official account. The graphic claims that the media used a yellow filter and a blur filter to make it appear as if Joe Rogan was more sickly than he actually was.

Joe Rogan Media Tricks Original
Side-by-side frames of the viral image – on the left showing Rogan without apparent filters, and to the right, ‘media tricks’ using filters.

The timestamp of the video is 00:35 on Joe’s Instagram video, which is still live currently. Navigate to the 35-second mark and compare the above image to the accusations of unflattering filters.

It’s more than likely that the creator of the viral image used a filter of his own, intentional or unknowingly, to make it appear that the video frame had higher contrast than Rogan’s own video.

Joe Rogan CNN Filters
Our screencap at the 00:35 second mark shows no ‘media trickery’.

The blur effect is likely real, however- this would be due to capturing an image off of a Youtube video. Youtube videos are often uploaded in lower resolution than Instagram video posts causing a slight blur effect.


Since we are unable to know the true intentions behind the viral image that claims the media disparaging Rogan, we rate this claim as mostly misleading.

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