About OSINTinsights.com

OSINTInsights.com was recently launched and we are currently open for contributor applications. If you’d like to help expand OSINT Insights by being a dedicated writer, or, simply would like to add in your opinion here and there, send us a message.

Our team has a long-term and exciting vision for OSINTinsights and this is an exciting opportunity for any professional or enthusiast to exemplify themselves as an authority in this ever-growing industry.

Who Are You?

We are a small team of digital investigators, professional snoopers, IT nerds, with a background in comprehensive digital marketing. Open-source intelligence may be a ‘trendy’ term at the moment, but we’ve been OSINT dedicated as far back as we can remember. We’ve used our skills as a hobby and as a professional service for a wide range of entities.

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Who’s With You?

We are currently funded and sponsored by a long-time colleague. A now-retired physician, he currently is the director of a licensed investigative firm in Florida and has spearheaded national whistleblower cases against medical fraud.

Our Writers

We have several dedicated writers and multiple guest post contributors. Our team includes business development specialists, investigative journalists, computer forensics experts, and digital strategy directors. All have a passion for open source intelligence one way or the other. Our current lead editor Alexander Hatala, works for a licensed PI firm based out of Florida, spearheading most digital investigations. Click here for our Editorial Standards and Ethics guidelines.


OSINT, no matter which industry or field we belong to, has helped further careers and stand out from the competition. Whether it’s product research and development, market insights, competitor research, merger due diligence, we believe most career professionals can benefit from the many aspects of OSINT.

Want to contribute?

We are always looking for professionals that utilize OSINT in a real-world environment. We’d love to hear a bit more about your experience. Let’s get in touch! Email [email protected] or use the form below: